Trimble Office Synchronizer

Trimble Office Synchronizer 2.04

Accesses and synchronizes data from Trimble devices
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Establish a connection between Trimble devices and local computers or networks by controlling data transfers and access parameters via the dedicated application. Automated checks for differences between the files are available. Manual file management is possible.

Trimble Office Synchronizer is a software program that allows Trimble users to send and receive data files between the office and the field. This way, they can access the data from their farms from a desktop computer and use the information to make better management decisions.

The software's GUI has a decent look, being mainly focused on delivering functionalities in a fast way. It misses any kind of theme editing options or toolbar customizations and the text font gives the impression of an unfinished program.

As for its features, Trimble Office Synchronizer offers protection for original data files by storing them into a secured Trimble server and it also offers a simplified data exchange with your trusted Trimble advisor.

The data files that can be transferred through Trimble Office Synchronizer include field boundaries, variable application maps, feature lines or soil sampling maps.
The files can be transferred wirelessly by using the cloud-solution, named Connected Farm, or from a desktop system.

Overall, Trimble Office Synchronizer represents an innovative way for Trimble users to transfer their data files, either from the office or from the field. It's free to use and despite some minor aesthetical inconveniences, is still worth a shot.

John Saunders
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  • Secures data into a protected server
  • Transfers various file types
  • Offers wireless data transfer


  • Poor choice of text font
  • Misses theme customization options
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